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These are astonishing and beautiful plants. Air plants take all their nutrients and moisture from the air. They have roots but don’t use them to transport water and nutrients like all other varieties in the plant world.  They use their roots to anchor onto something solid, like a tree branch allowing them to hang in the air and soak up moisture.  You may have seen Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides) hanging from trees in many parts from the Southern States of the US all the away to Argentina. There are many varieties of these little beauties.

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Air Plants

How do you care for your air plants here in Ireland ? 

Whether you have some Air Plants already or starting out for the first time. These little beauties are low-maintenance and are the perfect companion for your home, office or school.

There are 2 methods to water these Air Plants.

1. Soaking Method – Soak the air-plants in a small bath of lukewarm water for 30-40 Min every two weeks. This can be done in the kitchen or bathroom sink or in a basin of water. Gently shake off the water and place back in its usual spot. If you have them in a moist room like a bathroom the plants will need less watering than if you usually have them in a spot where the air is dry.  

2. Spraying Method – This is equally as easy but requires a little more attention. Get a mister or spry gun and spray the plants with lukewarm water twice per week. If you have them placed in the bathroom and the air is moist, once per week may be enough.

Air Plants

Where to place Air Plants 

Here in Ireland they love bright light, so any windowsill, on south facing windows in the summer months, pull them back from the glare of the glass. If you like to place them in the bathroom, make sure there is good filtered light form a window. keep an eye on these wonderful plants and you'll have them for many years, remember they are happy and healthy when they are green looking.  

Air Plants




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