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Boston ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) are very primitive plants which once covered the majority of the vegetative surface of the Earth. On evolutionary terms they were around before plants even began to flower, millions of years ago. They still don’t flower today! But they have wonderful leaves, or fronds, which come in all shapes and sizes and are very soft and inviting to touch. 

How do I take care of the Plant? 

Ferns are well known houseplants and figuring out what this fern likes is fundamental to keeping it in good nick. They like a cool place indoors away from central heating and direct sunlight. They also like their compost to remain damp, so water once per week. This is more or less all the care that is needed, but if some of the leaf fronds are a little brown, run your fingers through them gently and give it a little comb.. ah, they will love you in return with beautiful fresh fronds and that delicate sweet Boston Fern aroma..  

Boston Fern

 Where can I get it?

Check out our Boston Fern here and for more information check out our other blog posts

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