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Having indoor plants in your home will add many benefits to your indoor space. Plants will be a revelation to the design and feel of that fabulous new table or sofa. Undoubtedly plants brighten, beautify the inside of the home.

Besides looking nice, indoor plants also purify air, release oxygen and can improve overall health by reducing stress and even combat sick days in work. Yes, I’ve probably mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating. NASA have a report on indoor plants and their ability to clean the air from certain dangerous toxins. https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19930073077.pdf 

Believe in the Magic 

 Indoor Plants - The Magic's in the Leaves

So, where’s the magic and how do plants clean the air? Well it’s all in the leaves. As plants grow they take in air through the stomata, located on the back of their leaves. The air is filtered, the carbon in Co2 is used to build cells and other harmful substances like formalhide are warehoused in the roots and soil. This process is photosynthesis, and a by-product is oxygen which is released back out through the stoma, into the air of the room. Mmm.. sweet fresh air! Especially this time of the year when our windows are seldom open and colds and flues are widespread

The Co2 - Oxygen Exchange 

Co2 - Oxygen Relationship

There are many leafy herbs that can be grown indoors and are a great asset to have on a windowsill in your home or office. Not only for eating or cooking the leaves, but also to keep the greenery ratio up. When herbs are grown indoors it’s a double advantage, you can use the herb for cooking and breath in the oxygen its leaves release. Parsley is my favourite taste, but basil and coriander will give you loads of greenery.  Rosemary, mint and thyme can also be grown indoor in the winter months and will add a sweet fragrance to the room. They can be planted in an outdoor window box from March onward.

Leaves as food and oxygen

Indoor Herbs


So believe in the magic of indoor plants and live healthier and happier during the winter months.