July 12, 2018 0 Comments

When we think of an office setting, dull is a word the comes to mind. Introducing a new splash of colour using plants allows us to leave behind the old stereotype behind. Adding green plants to offices not only enlivens what might otherwise be dull and sterile spaces, but has also been proven to increase productivity, lowing stress and improving morale.

All of these positive attributes come from plants that are easy to care for such as the Ponytail Palm, a plant with a simple set of care instructions. When looking to invite oxygen into your office, think of adding plants of varying sizes to an to generate a space that not only looks vibrant, but also helps to purify the air and dampen background noise.

Ponytail plant


At Plant Store we provide a range or exotic plants which suit each office settings needs. For more information on plant instillations take a look here or contact us directly.