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Making the office environment as healthy as possible is key to not only improving your health but also for concentration and productivity levels as well as reducing stress in the office. Plants can filter the air in a natural way providing you with more oxygen and a nicer work space. 

While you may want to turn your desk area into a jungle, we have a few top plants we recommend to help boost the oxygen levels in your desk area.

Here are some plants that are easy to take care of & near impossible to kill ;

1. Spider plant

Perfect for high shelves and hanging baskets, the low-maintenance spider plant thrives in partial sun or shade – making it ideal for your cubicle or windowless office.

Air-cleansing plants also boost relative humidity and decreases particulate matter (aka dust), which can have a relaxing effect on workers and reduce common allergy symptoms.

Indoor air pollution is a major problem in many offices and the spider plant is highly effective in cleaning that air. This makes the spider plant our number one office plant pick!


Care instructions: Plant your spider plant in a size-appropriate pot or hanging basket with rich potting soil. This pick is resilient enough to withstand infrequent watering and thrive with little more than fluorescent light. But if you notice droopy or brown leaves, simply move your plant to a brighter location for a few days to bring it back to its full glory.

2. Peace Lily

Peace lilies love the shade, so they’ll do just fine even far away from a window. This eye-catching variety is also one of the best plants for improving indoor air quality, according to NASA research. Buy your own peace lily plant here https://www.plantstore.ie/search?q=peace+lily


Care instructions: Plant your peace lilies in rich, loose potting soil, and make sure the pot provides adequate drainage. Check the soil every few days and water as necessary. They do like a  water so to ensure healthy leaves and frequent flowering, never allow the soil to dry out.

3. Philodendron

The lush and leafy philodendron is nearly impossible to kill and research from the University of Technology, Sydney – one of Australia’s top tech institutions – indicates this pick may also be good for your health.


Care instructions: Plant your philodendron in a pot or hanging basket with rich, loose potting soil. Keep the soil fairly moist by watering about two times each week.

Plant Selection at Plant Store 

At Plant Store we have a range of beautiful and exotic plants on offer and we also provide plant instillations. Our plant instillations provide offices and businesses with various benefits including ;

  1. Benefits of the aesthetically pleasing displays that stimulate the senses and bring your office space to life. 
  2. Benefits to air quality, as plants have a cleansing effect on air quality by reducing harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide and increase oxygen in enclosed spaces. 
  3. Benefits to people’s wellbeing, studies have proven that plants can increase physical and emotional wellbeing, boost morale and increase productivity.

For more information take a look here at our website for plants in the office and at home :







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