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Plants are such a crucial part of our daily lives, something we take for granted, sometimes we may not even know the origins of the benefits we receive from plants. Here are just two plants, you can have in your home and that will help you get out of bed in the morning. One of these plants we are very familiar with and use every day, coffee. The second a less well-known plant, Sansevieria, nonetheless it provides us with an unusual benefit at night time that can help us out of bed in the morning.  

More Oxygen in the Bedroom

Let’s start in the bedroom where traditionally plants were supposed to be a no-no, as they released a little Co2 overnight during their rest period after their working day making food from sunlight and photosynthesis.  However, the Sansevieria is a plant you can have in your bedroom and in fact you can have many of them. The Sansevieria, aka the “snake skin plant” also known as “mother-in-laws-tongue does something very unusual in the plant world, it gives off oxygen at night time. The benefits for you is that you’ll wake up after a better night's sleep with more oxygen in your blood and more fresh air in your bedroom. This will definitely add to your energy levels to get out of bed. So how does it do it? Well, let's take a look at where it comes from and this will help explain its unusual characteristic. It originates from Nigeria all along the west coast of Africa to South Africa. It's a grass plants with typical long slender leaves. But the climate is hot and water is scarce. So Sansevieria reduce the risk of losing water by only breathing at night time. The lungs of the plant, the stomata only open-up after the sun goes down and slowly release the O2 its been producing and storing during the day. I think this is something worth talking about, as well as its attractive foliage something well worth waking up to..  

Snake Skin Plant

Take a look at our snake skin plant here : https://goo.gl/XGN8t9  

Head for a Cuppa

After we get out of bed we usually head for a cuppa. We drink the fermented leaves of tea or the roasted fruits of coffee.  Tea I've spoken a little about before, but coffee as an indoor plant can be grown on the sill of your kitchen window. It likes the heat and humidity of the kitchen, it has attractive fresh abundant foliage but unfortunately won’t bear any fruit. Nonetheless it is worth growing and grow up to 1-meter in height. Coffee originates from Ethiopia where many varieties still grow wild.  There are only two commercial varieties grown around the world, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is higher quality plant and better tasting, it grows at high altitude under the shade of huge trees. Robusta is easier to grow in lowland areas and cheaper to buy. It has a higher caffeine content, which gives it a bitter taste. This bitter tasting coffee has recently become popular as a blend amongst some independent coffee shops.  Coffee is the second most widely sold commodity after crude oil and we consume over 2-billion cups of it every day. Something to think about when having a sip in the morning..