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Where does it originate from :

The Ketina Palm Plant originates from Lord Howea island and is one of the world's superstar plants. It's one of the best known indoor plants in the world. It can be seen indoors in northern latitudes from Cork to Chicago. And outdoors from Mexico City to Melbourne.


Tell me more :

The Ketina Palm Plant is 180 cm in height. It is known and recognized for its busy leaves. The Ketina Palm Plant is occasionally called the Sentry Palm, because of the entry ways it frames and protects. The Kentia palm is an elegant, beautiful palm



Ketina Palm Plant


How to take care of the Plant :

The Ketina Palm is popular is extremely popular for growing indoors as it requires little light due to it being shade tolerant, cold tolerant. Under the right conditions, a Kentia palm will, over time develop into a grand specimen plant, up to 10 feet tall.


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