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Monstera Obliqua - 35cm

The "Monstera Obliqua", also known as 'Monkey Leaf' is a tropical specimen that is a relative of the well known Monstera Deliciosa. 
This Monstera features wider holes than its cousin, it is much smaller and its leaves are much thinner. 

Care Instructions: 
  • It likes full sun, however, it will adjust to a little shade.
  • It wants moist soil and thrives best in warm conditions, requiring high humidity. 
  • It's leaves can be sprayed 1-2 times per week with a water mister.
  • Allow soil to dry out somewhat between waterings. 
  • This plant can be grown as a trailing hanging plant or its stems can be tied to a moss pole.

Care Level Rating: Easy 

Notes: This plant measures approx 35cm in height and comes in a 12cm plastic nursery pot. Ceramic pots are sold separately.