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Birds Nest Fern

The "Birds Nest Fern" or "Asplenium nidus"  is native to tropical regions such as Southeast Asia, Australia, east Africa and Hawaii.  

It has large simple fronds that are tropical-like in that they resemble banana leaves. Their fronds are light green, often crinkled or wavy, and rise from a central rosette. The rosette is fuzzy where the emerging fronds resemble bird’s eggs - hence the common name.

The Birds Nest Fern is an example of a plant that opposes our assumptions of how a fern ought to appear. Ferns typically have airy and vaporous fronds, yet not all possess this trait. 

Given the right indoor environment, they will thrive and make for a wonderfully unique and easy to care for houseplant. 

Care Instructions:

  • These are true jungle plants and enjoys moist soil, but not too wet. Avoid watering right into the "nest" as that encourages mould and rot. Water the soil rather than the plant.
  • Likes bright, indirect sunlight. Don't expose to direct sun other than the very early morning sun
  • Keep away from drafty areas and avoid spaces that drop in temperature suddenly. 

Care Level Rating: Easy