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DIY Bee-Friendly Garden Kit (Small)

Ireland’s wild bee and pollinator populations are under threat.  Many species around the world have been permanently lost! The good news is that we can each play a part in keeping the bee population thriving. And it starts at home with our DIY Bee-Friendly Garden Kit 🐝

Each Small Kit Includes: 
  • 1 x Terracotta Pot & Saucer 
  • Topsoil & Peat Moss
  • Lecca Granules
  • Perlite
  • 1 x Perennial plant with seasonal flowers
  • Brown paper for your table 
  • Step-by-Step Guide

🐝 This kit is suitable for teachers, parents or anybody interested in doing their bit in preserving the bee population. It makes an excellent gift to yourself or that someone special.