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Euphorbia trigona - Sold separately

The "Euphorbia Trigona" or "African Milk Tree" is a tall, rugged, easy-care plant with thorns.

Although it resembles one, the African milk tree is not a cactus at all, nor is it a bush or a tree either. It's a succulent plant native to Africa.

The plant has thick, three-sided stalks with spines along its edges. Cactus-like branches, or arms, that grow upright from the sides of the stalk

Care Instructions:

  • Enjoys a spot with bright sunlight
  • Allow soil to dry out between watering 
  • Will need re-potting every 2-3 years
  • Feed monthly with plant feed to maintain growth 

Care Level Rating: Easy 

Notes: The price shown is for 1 plant only. The pot size for this variety is 12cm and it measures in at approx 30cm in height.