Teamwork is essential for every successful business. However, even the most successful businesses can benefit from our team building workshops.

Plant Store has completed successful team building workshops, garden workshops, earth day / earth month workshops, & numerous custom workshops for business & corporate clients, of all sizes, across Ireland.

Workshops are a fantastic way of boosting team morale, employee enrichment, improving communication & helping people to get to know each other. In addition, all participants will bring home what they’ve created during the workshop.

Our workshops begin with an educational segment. The objective of this is to inform & educate employees on an internal agenda or company vision. The second part involves people working together, communicating, having fun, & creating something special with plants.

Examples of workshop topics:

– Office planting & GIY gardening.
– Recycling, composting & zero waste to landfill.
– Water conservation & harvesting.
– Connecting the office space to the outdoors (Earth Month).
– Increasing team morale through terrarium building.

Our workshops are fun, creative & great for:

– Boosting morale & increasing productivity.
– Integrating new employees into an existing team.
– Achieving common goals by working together.
– Improving relationships & communication within, or between, teams.
– Employee Enrichment

We can design our workshops for any business, & can facilitate teams of 5 to 50.

Contact me personally for a consultation on 01 598 3673 today.

Pat Keville

Here are some photos from our recent team building workshop at ETSY:

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Contact me personally for a consultation on 01 598 3673 today.