Building Team Morale Workshop

Today many business organisations recognise that boosting staff morale has a positive impact on productivity, attendance & staff retention. People are always open to improving their working environment. I find that when HR managers approach teams with a proposal for a team building activity, the response is enthusiastic.

Employees want a pleasant working environment & want to achieve good team relations. People are usually open to finding creative ways to achieve that. We have created an event that promotes employee enrichment; engagement, collaboration & having fun.

We’ve devised a workshop on building terrariums. The design & format of the workshop ensures that individuals from different teams work together in pairs or groups of three. Their tasks involve problem-solving, learning through doing & team building in an informal environment.

We can facilitate groups from 10 to 40 people.

*Materials costs are not included in Workshop price.*
*For Bespoke Workshops, added Design fee is not included*
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