Ficus lyrata - Fiddle Leaf Fig- 110cm

The "Ficus Iyrata" or "Fiddle Leaf Fig" is a native to Western Africa, from Cameroon to Sierra Leone, where it grows in lowland tropical regions. 

Here in Ireland, this beautiful two stemmed plant has big visual impact and makes an excellent addition to any space. 

Care Instructions: 

  • Keep in bright, indirect light. Thrives best in a south-facing window, under a roof window or beside patio door. In the summer, move the plant to a shaded spot during the day to avoid leaves getting burned from the sun.
  • Water only once the top inch of compost is dry. Check this by putting your finger into the compost and scraping back a little. 
  • Fertilise once per month during growing seasons. This can be done by adding a little liquid fertiliser to the water. There is no need to fertilise during the winter.
  • The single stem variety will need to be repotted after 3 years. The larger plants have sufficient pots size, adequate for many years.
  • Keep the leaves dust-free by cleaning with a soft damp cloth periodically. 

    Care Level Rating: Medium 

    Notes: All plants come with their plastic nursery pot. Ceramic pots are sold separately.