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How to Make a Garden for Bees

Our team building workshops are unique combination of learning and hands on practical work where people get their hands dirty with compost, plants and flowers. 

We find this is a great success with all participants, as people learn information on the topic, learn practical horticultural skills and before the workshop is completed everyone has something to bring home. Something they have made themselves from what they’ve learned and a practical addition to their home or garden. In this instance their “Bee Friendly Garden”. Our workshops are a great way to promote team building, getting to know each other and working together! 


*Materials costs are not included in Workshop price.*
*For Bespoke Workshops, added Design fee is not included*
Please Contact Pat for further pricing details by:

Calling: 0861727009 or 01 5983673 

Emailing: pat.plantstore@gmail.com