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The ZZ Plant

The "Zamioculcas Zamifolia" or "ZZ plant"  is a very popular indoor plant that displays small glossy leaves on stems which can grow up to 3 ft long indoors.

It grows similar to tree plants or palms and has stems with many leaves growing from these stems. The leaves are a fleshy type which are only a couple of inches in length and an inch or so wide.

The ZZ plant is a very easy-going house plant with little care requirements. It's a tough cookie and will survive a certain amount of neglect. The easiest mistake to make and most common is overwatering!

Care Instructions:

  • Likes semi shade in summer, brighter in winter. Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the compost moist at all times but do not allow to become too soggy. 
  • Water only once the top inches of soil becomes dry.
  • Rarely needs fertiliser, perhaps 1-2 times per year. 

Care Level: Easy 

Notes: This variety measures in at approximately 50cm in height.