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January 20, 2020 0 Comments

3 Ways To Beat January Blues At Work With Plants


January can be a long.tough.month. 




The post-Christmas lull has truly set in and between early wake-up calls, grim weather and challenging resolutions, it can feel like the fun is officially over and winter might never end.


With team members spending a large part of this month slogging away at their desks or working flat out to meet new year business objectives, workplace morale and motivations can be at an all-time low. 


Left unmanaged, this can lead to burnout that lasts well past the winter months so we believe it’s a vital time to consider implementing some workplace wellbeing initiatives. 


The good news? We have 3 tips on how you can support your team through the “January Blues”...using plants! 


Office Workshops for Team Building Dublin


#1 Host a Team Building Event with a Plant Workshop


Regardless of the size or scope of your business, company growth is dependent on an engaged, happy and cohesive workforce. 


Offering workshops that benefit your employees both professionally and personally can make your team feel appreciated and can often mean the difference between attracting and maintaining top-tier talent vs high turnover rates and unhappy employees. 


When employees feel valued, their performance will speak for itself. 


Our workshops are designed to offer a fun, stress-free and educational space for teams to get away from their desks, learn something new and connect with colleagues. 


From educational talks on composting and bee gardens to more hands-on workshops where participants learn to upcycle or build their own terrariums, we have options that suit teams of all sizes and interests. 



Plant Installation and Maintenance service Dublin


#2 Bring your Office to Life with a Plant Installation Service


When summer feels oh so far away, it’s time to bring some life into the office via plants. 


At PlantStore.ie, we understand the transformative effect that plants can have on your workplace. 


From cleaner air, reduced stress levels, boosted morale and productivity, studies have shown that simply adding some greenery in the form of indoor plants, can have major positive benefits for employees and the company. 


Based in Dublin, we offer award-winning indoor office plant installation, plant leasing & maintenance, plant sales & plant hire tailored to your space and your needs.



Plant Pop Up Shop Dublin


#3 Boost Office Morale with a Pop-up Plant Shop 


On average your team members spend approximately 6 hours of their day sitting at their desks. 

Amidst the range of technology, stationary hoards and dare we say it...layers of dust, workstations can be a little grim, leaving the occupier unmotivated and unproductive.


But, it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Desk plants are an easy yet effective way to start. 


Choosing a new plant deskmate allows your team to add a touch of personality to their individual workspaces and improve the overall appearance of the shared environment. 


Set up throughout the day, at an office event or during lunch hour, our pop-up shops bring a fun and stress-free plant buying experience to you and your team.


Employees can mingle with their colleagues, browse our range of desk-friendly plants and avail of care advice from our team.



Better vibes, better work, better air-- if adding plants to your workspace is starting to seem like a no brainer, that's because it is! 
Our team is available now to talk to you about our range of January blues-busting plant services.


Email: pat.plantstore@gmail.com
Call: 01-598-3675


Plant Services for Office Dublin


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