Plants make people happy.

Beyond aesthetics, plants are the ultimate feel-good ingredient to any workplace – helping to boost morale, supercharge productivity and improve overall wellbeing. Whether you need a burst of colour for your next event, the perfect gift to celebrate a company milestone or an interactive activity to re-connect your team, we've got you covered.

Consider Plant Store Ireland your ultimate plant whisperer, helping to unleash their power in your workspace.

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Our Award Winning Indoor Plant Services


    Plant Installation, Hire & Maintenance 

    Breathe life, colour and personality into your workspace with the transformative power of plants.

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    Artificial Plants

    Enjoy the many perks of plants without the pesky maintenance with our lifelike faux plant collection.

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    Corporate Gifting

    Welcome, celebrate or acknowledge your team with a sustainable gift option that keeps on giving.

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    Team Building Workshops

    Connect & delight your team with our range of online or in-person plant workshops.

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    Event Display & Installations

    Wow your guests and create a lasting impression at your next event with a standout plant event display.

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    Plant Power Wellbeing Day

    Bored of the same old tired work events? Treat your team to the ultimate immersive team-building experience.

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The power of biophilic design on your workspace

When you introduce elements of nature into a space, something truly magical happens. Biophilic design has the incredible ability to inspire, energise, and connect us with the natural world, resulting in a workplace that looks incredible and fosters a sense of joy and wellbeing for all. The air becomes fresher, the stress levels drop, and creativity blossoms. 

Embracing biophilic design means embracing a workplace that breathes, inspires, and rejuvenates. 

Ready to let nature work its wonders and unlock the incredible potential within your workspace?

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Think outside the pot with a custom green wall installation.

Green walls are a unique and space-savvy way to make the indoors feel like a sprawling garden, adding a three-dimensional, living piece of artwork that will WOW your employees and visitors. Also known as living walls, eco walls and vertical gardens – green walls are panels of natural or artificial plants grown vertically using hydroponics.

Green walls are super versatile and can be custom styled & installed in spaces of all sizes- (perfect for those short on space!) 

We offer 4 main types of green wall installations 👇

  • Moss Walls: Adorn your wall with striking textured artwork made entirely from moss. 
  • Preserved Plants: A living wall that lives (even longer) using the power of preserved plants
  • Verti Grow Pockets:  A creative, colourful way to integrate your brand colours or brighten up dull spaces. 
  • Artificial Green Wall: An evergreen option that looks like the real deal without the pesky maintenance. 

What are you waiting for? Your green oasis awaits!

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We Host Workshops!

Team Building Plant Workshops

Breathe life into your team's social calendar with fun, creative and interactive plant workshops! Each workshop is designed to connect colleagues, boost team morale & increase employee wellbeing. 

We provide a fun, relaxed environment for your team to unwind, get creative and connect with the magical world of plants.


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