February 15, 2018


Educational Week - Learn more about plants with Pat Keville

This week we have some interesting facts and tips about various plants and their use in an office space. Take a look below for more information




February 06, 2018


Plants to get you out of Bed in the Morning

Plants are such a crucial part of our daily lives, something we take for granted, sometimes we may not even know the origins of the benefits we receive from plants. Here are just two plants, you can have in your home and that will help you get out of bed in the morning. One of these plants we are very familiar with and use every day, coffee. The second a less well-known plant, Sansevieria, nonetheless it provides us with an unusual benefit at night time that can help us out of bed in the morning.  

More Oxygen in the Bedroom

Let’s start in the bedroom where traditionally plants were supposed to be a no-no, as they released a little Co2 overnight during their rest period after their working day making food from sunlight and photosynthesis.  However, the Sansevieria is a plant you can have in your bedroom and in fact you can have many of them. The Sansevieria, aka the “snake skin plant” also known as “mother-in-laws-tongue does something very unusual in the plant world, it gives off oxygen at night time. The benefits for you is that you’ll wake up after a better night's sleep with more oxygen in your blood and more fresh air in your bedroom. This will definitely add to your energy levels to get out of bed. So how does it do it? Well, let's take a look at where it comes from and this will help explain its unusual characteristic. It originates from Nigeria all along the west coast of Africa to South Africa. It's a grass plants with typical long slender leaves. But the climate is hot and water is scarce. So Sansevieria reduce the risk of losing water by only breathing at night time. The lungs of the plant, the stomata only open-up after the sun goes down and slowly release the O2 its been producing and storing during the day. I think this is something worth talking about, as well as its attractive foliage something well worth waking up to..  

Snake Skin Plant

Take a look at our snake skin plant here :  

Head for a Cuppa

After we get out of bed we usually head for a cuppa. We drink the fermented leaves of tea or the roasted fruits of coffee.  Tea I've spoken a little about before, but coffee as an indoor plant can be grown on the sill of your kitchen window. It likes the heat and humidity of the kitchen, it has attractive fresh abundant foliage but unfortunately won’t bear any fruit. Nonetheless it is worth growing and grow up to 1-meter in height. Coffee originates from Ethiopia where many varieties still grow wild.  There are only two commercial varieties grown around the world, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is higher quality plant and better tasting, it grows at high altitude under the shade of huge trees. Robusta is easier to grow in lowland areas and cheaper to buy. It has a higher caffeine content, which gives it a bitter taste. This bitter tasting coffee has recently become popular as a blend amongst some independent coffee shops.  Coffee is the second most widely sold commodity after crude oil and we consume over 2-billion cups of it every day. Something to think about when having a sip in the morning..  



February 03, 2018


Why Office Plants Will Get You That Promotion

Who said plants don’t have character or personalities? We humans are all different, unique and so are the different plant varieties. A cactus is totally different from a fern in so many ways. One of its uniqueness is its location, where it comes from, another is its RNA its set of genes and of course we can’t forget its nurturing set of circumstances as it was growing. Ya, given this information…if we replaced our name instead of the cactus or fern, we’d probably have an idea of our characteristics and personality.

So we all are different and we act differently in certain situations. Plant varieties are the very same and they will act differently in different circumstances in your office. Some are showy and bright but don’t last too long, others are stallworths, but a little stand-offish, just until you get to know them.

But if you’re looking to get that promotion, there are certain characteristics you need to employ to prove to yourself and show to everyone else that you got what it takes. So take a lead form three of the best of the plant world, and you won’t go wrong.

Get Notices – The Fiddle leaf Fig Approach

Place this plant on your desk or if you’ve some space get a larger specimen plant and put it beside your desk, this plant will get you noticed! It’s a fabulously handsome plant, with large green shiny leaves that draw the eye toward its good looks. People can’t help looking at it and admiring its qualities. Here are its qualities that will get you promoted.

Fig Leaf Plant Office

Style and Substance

The fiddle leaf fig is a hard worker and ambitious plant producing up to 1-meter in growth and adding10 new rugged leaves in one year. This is quite impressive and surely implies substance to add that alluring strong style. The fiddle leaf fig will give loads of value for the place it occupies in your office. It does its job without looking for attention. So take its lead, be confident have belief in yourself and your abilities and take on responsibilities, be that team player.  

Bring the Bad News First – The Cactus Approach

The first minute you see a cactus you know what you’re dealing with. It doesn’t tell you how wonderful it is, or charm you with a bit of nonsense. No it doesn’t, its sharp and to the point and it tells you the bad news the truth, right away. “It’s darn hot boss and it’s going to get hotter” but here is the data, the facts the figures and this is what we’re doing to fix the problem and get on top of the situation. Here are the qualities that will get you promoted.

Cactus on desk

Challenge conventional thinking and solve problems

No right thinking plant would grow in a desert where it’s so hot that its leaves shrivel up and turn into sharp spines. Somewhere, where the wind blows 40 °C and it only rains a little once every year. But cacti do and they have challenged convention thinking and solved the hardest problem on earth. And they’ve done it with simple facts and figures. They have grown amazing shapes where only half of the plant is every facing the sun, the cooler side is where their water is stored. So take its lead, make sure your boss is aware of a serious issue, tell her how you’re solving the problem and give her time to prepare a course of action. Ah ha.. problem solved.


Network – The Solomon’s Ivy Approach

This plant builds networks everywhere, whether in a green wall or on the top of a storage unit it wants to build relationships. Therefore effortlessly it stretches out its strong stems and fetching foliage and says “let’s build rapport – let’s get to know each other” The Solomon’s Ivy is so good at building networks that NASA has begun to study it, and found that its leaves are very effective at eliminating formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. Here are the qualities that will get you promoted.  

Solomons Ivy Plant

Leadership and Mentoring

The Solomon’s Ivy shows leadership by networking with those in higher and lower positions than itself. In only one year its vines will grow and reach out beyond 2-meters in any direction. Networking is about kindness, mutual support and growth. So take its lead, reach out and quietly mentor someone in a lower position. And don’t be afraid to ask for support from your bosses when needed. Remember - Those who get things done are people who know people.


January 26, 2018


Richard Branson - From a Plant Point of View

3 things Richard Branson would say about Indoor Plants and Employee Wellbeing

Richard Branson is one of the world's most widely known personal brands. In business he is known for his maverick strategies and taking risks. He is without doubt a transformational leader with business acumen. His philosophy has always been to look after the needs of his staff, he’s quoted as saying   “So, my philosophy has always been, if you can put staff first, your customer second and shareholders third, effectively, in the end, the shareholders do well, the customers do better, and yourself are happy”

Richard is also known for leaving his desk, having a stroll to chat to his employees. So here are 3 things he would say about office plants and how to boost employee well-being.

1. Surround your desk with the beautiful prickly pear plant, eat the fruits and enjoy the healthy benefits of this amazing plant. Prickly pear is a Mexican cactus, high in calcium and magnesium that can be eaten in many different ways, from cactus fries to Nopalitos con huevos. The juicy fruits can make pear jelly and a delicious pear smoothie. The pears combine well with coconut water to make a refreshing drink.


Here check out the recipe he’d say; Richard would even mention to check out the Mexican Flag and see the Prickly Pear perched on by an eagle.

 2. Yes Indeed! Take a Holiday visit Mexico visit this amazing land of Cacti.

Mexico is the fifth most biodiverse country in the world and it has the most cacti varieties of any other country in the world. Mexico has nearly 700 species of cacti and they grow in just four relatively small regions (1) in the Chihuahua desert of ventral Mexico (2) in the valley of Tehuacan-Cuicatlan, framed by the mountains of the Trans Mexican volcano belt (3) in a small humid area on the Pacific coast of the state of Jalisco. (4) at the transition between the Sonora desert and the Sinaloa dry forest. Here the landscape is littered with double armed cactus, images of a solitary cowboy riding into the sunset, come to mind.

Check out this interesting list of the 10 ten biodiverse countries

3. When you’re back at work were running a workshop on how to build a terrarium with cacti. This workshop is a great fun, we get everyone together in a big room and have the place prepared with cacti, succulents, glass jars, potting mix, coloured stone and pebble. Then everyone rolls up their sleeves and dips into their creative side, making some interesting creations. There is loads of laughs and a great buzz between colleagues.

“Very well done staff, very well done” I hear Richard saying. Check out the link for more ideas on fun workshops.

January 23, 2018


Three Plants to Boost Office Productivity

Making the office environment as healthy as possible is key to not only improving your health but also for concentration and productivity levels as well as reducing stress in the office. Plants can filter the air in a natural way providing you with more oxygen and a nicer work space. 

While you may want to turn your desk area into a jungle, we have a few top plants we recommend to help boost the oxygen levels in your desk area.

Here are some plants that are easy to take care of & near impossible to kill ;

1. Spider plant

Perfect for high shelves and hanging baskets, the low-maintenance spider plant thrives in partial sun or shade – making it ideal for your cubicle or windowless office.

Air-cleansing plants also boost relative humidity and decreases particulate matter (aka dust), which can have a relaxing effect on workers and reduce common allergy symptoms.

Indoor air pollution is a major problem in many offices and the spider plant is highly effective in cleaning that air. This makes the spider plant our number one office plant pick!

Care instructions: Plant your spider plant in a size-appropriate pot or hanging basket with rich potting soil. This pick is resilient enough to withstand infrequent watering and thrive with little more than fluorescent light. But if you notice droopy or brown leaves, simply move your plant to a brighter location for a few days to bring it back to its full glory.

2. Peace Lily

Peace lilies love the shade, so they’ll do just fine even far away from a window. This eye-catching variety is also one of the best plants for improving indoor air quality, according to NASA research. Buy your own peace lily plant here

Care instructions: Plant your peace lilies in rich, loose potting soil, and make sure the pot provides adequate drainage. Check the soil every few days and water as necessary. They do like a  water so to ensure healthy leaves and frequent flowering, never allow the soil to dry out.

3. Philodendron

The lush and leafy philodendron is nearly impossible to kill and research from the University of Technology, Sydney – one of Australia’s top tech institutions – indicates this pick may also be good for your health.

Care instructions: Plant your philodendron in a pot or hanging basket with rich, loose potting soil. Keep the soil fairly moist by watering about two times each week.

Plant Selection at Plant Store 

At Plant Store we have a range of beautiful and exotic plants on offer and we also provide plant instillations. Our plant instillations provide offices and businesses with various benefits including ;

  1. Benefits of the aesthetically pleasing displays that stimulate the senses and bring your office space to life. 
  2. Benefits to air quality, as plants have a cleansing effect on air quality by reducing harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide and increase oxygen in enclosed spaces. 
  3. Benefits to people’s wellbeing, studies have proven that plants can increase physical and emotional wellbeing, boost morale and increase productivity.

For more information take a look here at our website for plants in the office and at home :


January 15, 2018

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Indoor Plants - The Magic's in the Leaves

The magic of Indoor plant leaves that give us oxygen and take harmful chemicals from the air.

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January 02, 2018


Three Easy Ways to Make a Happier, Healthier more Productive Workspace 2018

Three Easy Ways to Make a Happier, Healthier more Productive Workspace 2018

2018 - As we begin this new year, this is a great time to consider ways to make our workspace a happier, healthier more productive environment to work in.  Daily we spend most of our hours, most of our energy and most of our intelligence at work. By engaging with the world of plants, you can boost people’s well-being, improve their health and simply make people’s lives happier and more productive.  Your workspace is more than just a place to make a living, make it a place to live an enjoyable life.

Here are three simple ways to achieve this by engage with the world of plants ;

1. Biophilia

Biophilia suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Edward O. Wilson introduced and popularised the hypothesis in his book, Biophilia (1984) Creating this connection by bringing the plants indoors is a growing movement to create healthier workspaces.  By using larger indoor plants, collectively grouping them together in plant installations, by building living walls on otherwise redundant wall space, by using available outdoor space where colleagues can sow and grow plants, all this interaction with natural elements will boost mood, health and productivity.

2. Encouragement

Encourage your colleagues to bring plants to their work desk. It’s easy, try Cacti and Succulent plants, they are simple to look after and enjoy the bright lights of the office and computer screens. They are easy to grow, require less watering, usually one per month and endure drier conditions than other houseplants. In the wild they are found in hot and dry environments, mostly in Mexico and the Southern states of the US. Sitting on a work desk beside the computer screen they will accept and lap up all energy from the surrounding light sources.

3. Creativity

“Creativity is Intelligence having fun” this is an inspiring quote (author unknow). Why not encourage creativity amongst your colleagues by engaging with a plant based workshop? Examples of workshop topics – Increasing team morale through terrarium building – Office planting and GIY gardening – Recycling, composting and zero waste to landfill – Connecting the office space to the outdoors – Earth month. These workshops are easy to set up and the benefits to your colleagues is inspiring. “we’re still bussing with Christmas fun from the wreath making workshop yesterday” this is a quote from Kate who attended our workshop in December.  The workshops are one hour in duration and for teams of 5 to 50.

What do we offer ?

Our workshops are fun and creative and are suitable for:

– Boosting morale and increase productivity.

– Integrating new employees into an existing team.

– Achieving common goals by working together.

– Improving relationships and communications within or between teams.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the benefits of connecting people to plants and their natural environmental.  If your wish for 2018 is to be a creator, a leader and self-starter try some of these simple ways to make your workspace a happier, healthier more productive environment.


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