What are your opening hours and where are you located? is an online horticultural service and plant provider. We are located in Dublin and supply our plants and services nationwide.

How can I get in contact?

Please reach out to us via any of the below channels:

Phone: 01 5983673 

Mobile: 086 172 7009


Facebook: @ThePlantStore

Twitter: @PlantstoreIrl

Where do you source your plants?

Our plants come from different nursery growers throughout Ireland and Europe. The majority of the indoor plants, (which is our specialty) are grown in Southern European,  the Canary Islands, Spain and Italy.

Buying Plants

Do you offer custom orders?

Yes absolutely! We’re always happy to be contacted for a custom order. 

Send us an email at or call us at 086-172-7009

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! :)

Send us an email at with an idea of what you are looking for. 

Where do you deliver to? And what are the charges?

We deliver plants to the 32 counties of Ireland. Delivery charges are based on weight.

Orders are usually shipped within 5-7 working days.

Orders under €80 : €12 delivery 

Orders €80 - €150 : €19.85 delivery 

Orders between €150 - €250 : €30 delivery 

Orders €250 and over : €50 delivery 

Why does my plant look different to the one on your site?

As with all living things, plants are unique and natural variations can occur from one to the next. The appearance of the plant on our website may differ slightly to the one delivered. This is because each plant is unique and their growth is seasonal.  

Can I purchase a plant as a gift?

Absolutely! Plants are the perfect gift, that keeps on growing! From easy-care succulents to fancy foliage, we have a range to suit everyone! If you'd like us to include a short message with the plant, please leave us a note with your order. 

What are the best air purifying plants?

Just like a sponge, plants soak up these nasty toxins in the air and replace it with clean oxygen. Extensive research conducted by NASA revealed that plants can remove up to 87% of toxins in the air in just 24 hours! Some of our favourite air-purifying plants include:

- Devil's Ivy 

- Peace Lily 

- Snake plant 

- Aloe Vera 

- Spider Plant 

All available to shop on our online store

What are the best indoor plants?

This really depends on your home and takes into account how much light your space gets. Some of the easiest care plants include:

- Spider Plant

- Snake Plant

- Peace Lily 

- Devil's Ivy 

- ZZ plant 

- Cacti & Succulents 

- Air plants 

All available to shop on our online store 

How are your plants wrapped for shipping?

All of our plants are wrapped and boxed very carefully ensuring a safe transit to your home wherever you live in Ireland. 

Do you offer gift wrap or boxes?

All of our plants are wrapped in recyclable brown paper with a tree print and then placed and presented in a brown cardboard box.

Plant Care

Help! My plant looks like it is dying

Firstly, don't panic! Have you looked at our detailed care instructions on our online store

This will explain the individual care and any special requirements needed by your plant. Most indoor plants that are loved but don’t look too good are usually over-watered. A little water, regularly is always better 😊 

I'm new to plant parenthood. What are the easiest care plants?

When it comes to selecting a plant for your home, we recommend considering the environment i.e: is your room south or north facing? Does it get a lot of light? Is it prone to drafts? This research will help you in choosing the best plant for that particular environment. 

For spaces with lots of light, consider a Ficus

An Air plant is an excellent choice for a bright bathroom window. 

Spider Plants or Devil’s Ivy thrive well on shelves or bookcase as they require less light and can withstand irregular watering.

You can shop all of our easy-care plants on our online store 

How often should I water my plant?

Confused about how much water your plant is getting? If you are unsure, take a look at what your plant is doing.

Wilting leaves or soil that looks pulled away from the sides of its planter are signs of a thirsty plant. ⁣ Check the compost 5cm from the top, if there is any sign of moisture or dampness, it has enough water. You can also check by lifting the plant and container- if it’s light, this will let you know it needs some water. ⁣

A watering schedule of once a fortnight is suitable for most common houseplants however this can change throughout the year. In the winter, plants are growing slower and need less water.⁣ Be mindful that if your heat is on regularly, the soil can tend to dry quicker and may need a little more water. ⁣

Lastly,we recommend purchasing a simple spray bottle which can be used to give a quick burst of hydration around the leaves, they’ll love it! 

Care advice for all of our plants can be found on our Online Plant Store

How much light should I give my plant?

When it comes to plants, some need more light than others. ⁣ When in doubt, it's best to think about the native habitat of your plant. ⁣

Most indoor plants are used to a much warmer, brighter climate than the one we experience here in Ireland! However, all is not lost!⁣ Did you know that artificial light can be a great substitute for natural light?! ⁣

For plants located in a darker space of your home, simply shine a spotlight or table lamp towards your plants and you will notice that they start to grow towards it! ⁣For plants that are located near regular sunlight sources such as a window, make sure to rotate this plant regularly to ensure even distribution.

You can view care advice for each of our plants on our online store!

Where can I find plant care instructions for my new plant?

Care instructions and a care level rating for each of our plants can be found in the description of each plant listing on our online store.  

Plant Installations & Hire

We don't have time to water our plants, do you offer maintenance also?

We sure do! Our team of experts take the time and worry out of looking after your office plants with our plant maintenance service.

For a free consulation and quote, contact us today at 

Our space doesn't get a lot of light, what plants do you recommend?

There's a plant for every single position on earth and the good news is that shady places have many solutions.

The following plants can tolerate medium to low light environments:

- Snake Plant

- Spider Plant

- Devil's Ivy

- Calathea 

- Peace Lily 

- Air Plant 

All available to shop on our online store 

What does a free consultation include?

During our free consultation we will work with you to create a personalised plant solution for you, your brand and your space. 

We will take a look at your space environment and advise suitable plants accordingly.

To book your free consultation:


Call: 086-1727009

How do I book a free consultation?

You can email us at: 

or call us at 0861727009

Don't forget to include a few details about your space including location, size and what services you are looking for.

How do I book a Plant Pop-Up Shop for my workplace?

You can book a plant pop-up shop by:

Emailing us at

Calling us at 086-172-7009

Don't forget to include some information about you and your company such as location, suggested dates etc. 

Workplace Workshops

How much do your workshops cost?

Each of our Workshops are unique. They are priced individually based on the topic, materials, number of participants and method of delivery (online or offline).

For a personalised quote:

Email us at

Call us at 086-172-7009

And don't forget to include some details about your company such as location, size and what kind of workshop you are interested in. 

How do I book a workshop?

All of our Workshops can booked by filling out our booking form or by emailing us at or by calling us at 086-172-7009.

Don't forget to send us a little information about your company/ team including the location, size and what type of workshop you are
interested in. 

More information on our Workshops can be found here. 

Our team is based remotely, do you offer virtual workshops?

To cater for an increasing number of remote-working, we have made the majority of our Team-Building workshops, available virtually. 

You can view our range of Digital Workshop examples here or we can work with you to create a custom workshop personalized to your team. 

What type of workshops do you offer?

We know that every team and space is unique which is why we offer a wide range of workshops.

You can learn more about each of our Workshop categories via the links below: 

- Seasonal Workshops

- Sustainable Workshops 

- Home- Gardening Workshops

- DIY Workshops

- Educational Workshops

- Digital Workshops 

If you have any questions or you would like to book a workshop, you can reach us by:


Phone: 086-1727009

Do we need to supply our own materials for the workshop?

We provide all materials needed for each workshop. We will include this cost in our quote. 

Our workplace is small, can we still host a workshop?

Absolutely! We can work with you to design a workshop that suits your space and team needs.

For a free consultation, email us at or give us a call at 086-1727009

How may people can attend a workshop?

This varies depending on the workshops.

For workshops hosted in-person, we can accommodate 50+ people, depending on the size of the space.

For workshops hosted online, we can generally accommodate teams of any size. 

How long are the workshops?

This can vary depending on the workshop but we generally advise to allocate between 1-2 hours.

Our workshops are available at any time of the day so perfect for a lunchtime activity or an after-work event. 

Don’t see your question listed here?

Send us an email at and we’ll try our best to help you out!

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