Green Wall Installations: The Ultimate Guide

Green Wall Installations: The Ultimate Guide

Also known as living walls, eco walls and vertical gardens – green walls are panels of natural or artificial plants grown vertically usually using hydroponics.

Green walls are super versatile and can be custom styled & installed in spaces of all sizes.

A common challenge in modern buildings is that the floor space they occupy is often at a premium. Living green walls can solve this problem by allowing greenery to be incorporated into suitable vertical spaces.

These beautiful features can thrive in indoor and outdoor conditions and can serve a variety of spaces, big or small- from offices, healthcare environments, schools, and colleges.

Placement options for green walls are countless; however, we’ve seen the best success when placed in meeting rooms, welcome or reception areas, hallways or breakout areas lacking colour and texture. 

Although the trend for living walls is growing fast (literally), the concept is nothing new. Did you know that Stanley Hart White patented the first idea for a green wall concept in 1938! 

Since then, green walls have grown rapidly in popularity in commercial spaces.

Why? Becauses green walls are a unique, space-savvy & eco-friendly way to make the indoors feel like a sprawling garden, adding a three-dimensional, living piece of artwork that will WOW your employees and visitors. 


Large green wall installation


Benefits of green wall installations 

Beyond aesthetics, green walls can have a significant positive impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of your building’s occupants. 

Improved air quality: Countless toxins are leaching from our indoor environment. Adding office plants can improve indoor air quality. Interior green walls do just that but on a bigger scale. Cleaner air leads to fewer health complaints such as headaches and respiratory irritations and increases focus and attention. Complaints such as irritated eyes, headaches, sore throats and tiredness diminish. There is a noticeable decrease in absence in offices with plenty of greenery due to illness in offices with plenty of greenery. 

Noise reduction: Plants have been used to reduce noise along roads and motorways for decades. Indoor green walls expand this concept, as the foliage naturally blocks high-frequency sounds. A living wall absorbs 41% more sound than a traditional facade. Thus, the environment becomes much quieter, with noise levels similar to those in nature.

Energy cost reduction:  Living green walls help reverse this problem by providing shade from the effects of direct sunlight. Also, unlike brick or concrete, plant surfaces don’t store up solar energy but reflect it. Both interior and exterior walls help to actively cool the air in summer through evapotranspiration, reducing the need to cool the building.

Wellness-boosting: It’s no secret that plants make people happy. Studies have shown that blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain activity could all be improved by viewing plants for as little as 3 to 5 minutes.

Colourful green wall installation for office


Green Wall options for your workspace 

We offer four main types of green wall installations

  1. Moss Walls: Adorn your wall with striking textured artwork made entirely from moss. Moss walls are decorative wall features comprised of natural moss adhered to a wall. Most installations use natural moss that has undergone a preservation process. This process extends the life of the moss wall and limits maintenance needs. The preserved moss also lends itself to infinite design options since the moss can be cut and dyed to fit the piece.
  2. Preserved Plants: A living wall that lives (even longer) using the power of preserved plants! Like moss walls, this option uses the power of preserved plants to give a realistic living wall feel without the heavy maintenance. 
  3. Verti Grow Pockets:  A creative, colourful way to integrate your brand colours or brighten up dull spaces. Verti grow pockets are one of the most versatile green wall options as they are easy to install and come in all shapes, colours and sizes. 
  4. Artificial Green Wall: An evergreen option that looks like the real deal without pesky maintenance. In some cases, living plants may not be a suitable option for your particular display. This may be because of your maintenance budget, poor lighting or simply unsuitable temperature conditions. This is where artificial plants come in! We can use life-like replica plants to create incredibly realistic and visually stunning green walls. 


Verti grow pocket wall installation


Client Case Study: Etsy Dublin HQ

We worked closely alongside the workplace team at Etsy to create a custom green wall installation plan for their Dublin HQ.

The brief was simple: colourful, green & creative.

To echo Etsy’s brand values, our aim was to create bright pockets of greenery in high-use areas to create big visual impact for their team & visitors.

We installed a large living wall panel in their reception area as well as strategically placed mini verti-grow pockets to brighten up team workspaces on each floor. 


Want to learn more about Green Wall installation options for your workspace?👀

Contact our team today at or 01-5983673 for a custom quote and more information on any options mentioned above.

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