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When you hear the word landscaping, you probably think of the outdoors - taking existing land and making changes by adding flowers, plants or various structures to enhance the appearance of outdoor space. 

Indoor landscaping, also known as “plantscaping” or “interiorscaping,” does the same thing - but inside. Similar to the great outdoors, indoor environments have plains, angles and horizons that can be altered or enhanced to become a true work of art.

It’s no secret that people find nature to be serene and visually pleasing, so it only makes sense to bring that tranquillity inside. 

Using artistic designs and arrangements of living plants, you can use interior plantscaping to create a natural, feel-good environment that appeals to the senses while boosting team morale and adding aesthetic value to your space.


Benefits of indoor plantscaping 

Beyond aesthetics, indoor plantscaping your workplace can have a transformative effect on the physical and mental wellbeing of your team. 

We’re talking:

    • Improved air quality: By helping to reduce harmful airborne pollutants such as carbon dioxide, plants can have a cleansing effect on a space. 
    • Boosted employee wellbeing: Studies have proven that plants can increase physical and emotional wellbeing, reduce stress levels, boost morale and increase productivity.
    • Reduced noise pollution: Plants absorb sound through their leaves making excellent natural sound-proofers.
    • Greener, happier spaces: Our aesthetically-pleasing displays stimulate the senses, brighten up dull areas and bring your workspace to life, literally!


3 plantscaping ideas for your workspace 

Indoor living wall

Indoor Living Walls

Living walls are a unique and space-savvy way to make the indoors feel like a sprawling garden, adding a three-dimensional, living piece of artwork that will wow your employees and visitors.

Also known as green walls, eco walls and vertical gardens – living walls are panels of plants, grown vertically using hydroponics. They can be physically joined to the wall, or freestanding structures, and can be grown indoors and outdoors. Most living walls also incorporate an integrated water delivery system because the classic method of watering plants with a watering can or hose isn’t efficient for vertical walls. 

Although the trend for living walls is growing fast (literally), the concept is nothing new. In fact, did you know that the first idea for a green wall concept was patented by Stanley Hart White in 1938! 

Living walls are super versatile and can be styled accordingly to offices of all sizes- perfect for those short on space. 

Indoor herb garden

Indoor herb garden 

Who says gardening should be reserved for the outdoors?! Not us!

Gardening is known for its’ calming, meditative effect on our body and mind, and so, it’s no wonder that it’s become a popular team activity within organisations. 

Introducing a herb garden to your office space is easy and requires minimal supplies and minimal maintenance. 

Even with limited space, you can create a beautiful herb haven that will provide freshness, greenery, pleasant aromas and tasty seasonings to snip off and add to work lunches or snacks. 

Herb gardens can be added to windowsills, kitchen counters, balconies or even individual desks. The key is to ensure adequate light and enthusiastic green-fingered employees willing to take care of the upkeep. 


Devil's ivy plant in a wooden box

Upcycled Plant Containers 

Plants are a fantastic way to showcase your company’s unique sense of style and personality. 

And the good news is that there are so many ways to make your office plant selection stand out, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth (literally). 

For eco-conscious businesses, upcycled plant containers are a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic potters. 

Upcycling old, unused or antique items and transforming them into new homes for indoor plant containers can be a fantastic way to save money, add character to a space and look after the planet. 

In the past, we’ve used old suitcases, antique leather bags, saucepans, lampshades, coffee tins and even hiking boots to house plants of all shapes and sizes. Employees can even get involved and bring in old, unused items into the office and take part in a crafternoon to pot up the plants. That’s a win-win in our books!



Contact our team today at team@plantstore.ie or 01-5983673 for a custom quote and more information on any options mentioned above.

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