📣 Introducing: Plant Power Wellbeing Days | A Fresh Approach to Office Wellness 🌿

📣 Introducing: Plant Power Wellbeing Days | A Fresh Approach to Office Wellness 🌿

Feeling stuck in the same old office routine? Is your team's morale and productivity starting to wilt? Are you all craving a little more calm and a touch of nature at work?

We're excited to bring you the perfect solution to breathe new life into your workdays — Plant Power Wellbeing Days! This fresh and innovative service is all about boosting your team's energy and transforming your office into a vibrant green space. Wave goodbye to the mundane and welcome a workspace that sparks creativity, promotes wellness, and lifts everyone’s spirits.

What's a Plant Power Wellbeing Day?

Our Plant Power Wellbeing Day is a full-day event specially designed to enhance your team's wellbeing with the nurturing influence of plants. This day is packed with fun and engaging activities, such as a pop-up shop offering great discounts on a variety of plants and interactive workshops where your team can learn about plant care and even create their own green spaces. It's a unique opportunity to infuse your workplace with a dose of wellness, fresh knowledge, and plenty of greenery, helping everyone feel rejuvenated and connected.

Your day with us | The timetable 

  • ⏰8 AM - 10 AM: Our team sets everything up, preparing your office for a day full of inspiration and transformation.
  • ⏰10 AM - 6 PM: Explore our Plant Pop-up Shop, where you can find a variety of indoor plants, all available at amazing discounts ranging from 50% to 70% off!
  • ⏰10 AM - 6 PM: Visit our Plant Clinic Bench for personalised plant care advice from our expert botanists.
  • ⏰1 PM - 1:45 PM: Don't miss our "Lunch and Learn" workshop. In it, you'll learn to create your own mini office jungle and even get a plant container to take home.
  • ⏰4 PM - 5 PM: Build your own little ecosystem in our "Corked Terrarium" workshop—a fantastic way to incorporate some of the outdoors into your work environment.
  • ⏰6 PM - 7 PM: We wrap up by tidying everything up, making sure your office is just as neat as when we arrived.


"Organizing was super smooth, and the evening was fantastic. Our team of over 30 loved it! Our office now boasts the most beautifully decorated doors in all of Limerick. 100% recommend!" - Daniela



What to expect: 

🛒Explore Our Plant Pop-Up Shop

Our pop-up shop will be open throughout the day, offering a wide selection of plants, from the delicate fronds of ferns to the thick, water-storing leaves of succulents, all at significantly reduced prices. Whether you're already a plant enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of greenery, you'll find the perfect plant to liven up your desk. Our knowledgeable plant care experts are on hand to help you select the ideal plants for your office environment and provide tips to keep them flourishing.


🩺The Plant Clinic Bench

Is your office plant looking a little under the weather? Come visit our Plant Clinic Bench for a free consultation. Think of it as a health check-up for your plants! Our experts offer tailored advice and practical care tips to help perk up your green friends in no time.


💭Engaging and Educational Workshops

Our workshops are designed to be both enjoyable and enlightening. The "Lunch and Learn" session provides a lively escape from the usual workday. In this workshop, you'll learn how to transform your workspace with your very own mini jungle, complete with a plant container you can take back to your desk, making it a greener, more vibrant place.

Later in the day, our "Corked Terrarium" workshop offers a hands-on experience where you'll craft your own self-sustaining ecosystem. Building a terrarium not only adds a beautiful and soothing element to your desk but also gives you a peek into the intricate dynamics of ecosystems. These workshops don’t just teach you about plants; they provide insights into ecological balance and how to recreate it in miniature form.


"It was an amazing experience, fun and filled with interesting facts about terrariums. We highly recommend it! Thanks to Patrick for this outstanding experience." - Aileen


Why integrate plants into your workplace?

Adding plants to your office does more than just enhance its appearance—it plays a key role in creating a healthier, more enjoyable, and productive work environment. According to research from the University of Exeter, offices adorned with plants experience a significant 15% boost in productivity. The presence of plants not only lifts the mood but also improves concentration and purifies the air, making the workspace a better place for everyone.

And that’s not all. A study in Norway discovered that indoor plants can help reduce fatigue, stress, and even symptoms related to colds. This can lead to fewer sick days, a more energetic team, and a generally more dynamic office atmosphere. By integrating plants into your office, you’re not just decorating—you’re investing in the health and well-being of your staff, which can ultimately drive better overall performance.



Bring Plant Power to Your Office

Plant Power Wellbeing Days are more than just an event; they're an opportunity to enhance health, happiness, and productivity in your workplace. Here’s how you can make this transformative experience a reality for your team:

  1. Book Your Day: Contact us to reserve your date. We handle all the details, from setting up to cleaning up afterwards.
  2. Invite Your Team: Get your colleagues excited about a day of learning and fun with plants.
  3. Transform Your Space: We'll bring everything needed to turn your office into a lush, green paradise.

No matter if you're already a plant lover or just curious about starting your botanical journey, Plant Power Wellbeing Days have something to offer everyone. It’s not merely about placing plants around the office—it’s about creating a thriving environment that invigorates you and your team.



For more information or to book your Plant Power Wellbeing Day, get in touch with our team today:

📞 01 5983673

✉️ team@plantstore.ie


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