Why Plants should be part of your Office Environment

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It is common knowledge that plants are an amazing addition to any home, they are of course aesthetically pleasing but more importantly they have a key function in improving air quality. They are even more important when it comes to office settings where people are sedentary for most of the day and share the same air. Indoor plants are known to improve air quality, reduce stress and increase productivity. It is a no-brainer that they should be part of any office setting. Here are four reasons plants should be part of every office environment. 

  1. Purification of Air

Plants take in Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen, and they also remove harmful toxins from the air. As plants grow, they take in air through the stoma on the back of their leaves. The air is filtered and carbon is used to build cells in the plant. Harmful substances like formaldehyde are transported out of the air and stored in the roots and soil of the plant. Oxygen is released back out through the leaves into your work space. This is especially beneficial during the winter months when windows are seldom open and colds and flus are widespread when many people are sharing the same air. 

2. Boosts Mood

The World Health Organisation estimate that mental health problems account for 35% of all work-related ill health. As human beings we have an innate affinity for the natural world. Biophilic design, which seeks to connect our need to affiliate with nature, has benefits for human interaction with interior spaces. It is the design of architecture and office spaces which connect people with nature. Placing plants around your office space boosts mood naturally and can make a difference to each worker's well-being. 

3. Health and Well-being

Plants have proven health boosting benefits which can greatly impact one's well-being in a work environment. They can increase physical and emotional well-being, boost morale and increase productivity. Your work-space can be more than just a place to make a living, it can be an enjoyable and stimulating environment in which to work.

4. Reduced Background Noise

Plants can absorb sounds so can help to reduce background noise in a busy office environment. Careful positioning of plants around the edges of the office space can help reduce distractions such as chatter and telephone calls. 


 Here are some plants that are great around the office! 

Scindapsus - aka - Devils Ivy

Not only is the devil’s ivy one of the best plants for increasing O2 levels, it is also a plant that is super easy to grow. It will grow in semi shade and can tolerate irregular watering. Wherever it’s placed, be it on a desktop or tucked away in a shelving unit, this little plant wants to let you know it’s there. Effortlessly it stretches out its strong stems and fetching foliage and says “let’s get to know each other”. Well done you little devil

Epipremnum arureum. " Sanseveria – aka – Mother-in-law’s Tongue or Snake Skin Plants 


The Sanseveria plant is an example of a plant that would be perfectly suited to the office, as it converts carbon dioxide to oxygen and releases it at night time. The stoma (the plant’s lungs) open at night instead of day time, this adaptation is most likely to conserve water during the hot African days. This will ensure 24/7 purification of the office air when combined with other day purifying plants. It is extremely water tolerant, loves the dry heat of our centrally heated workspaces. It also loves heavy fluorescent light so don’t worry if it’s not near a window. Its leaf is leathery and cool to the touch, possibly these characteristics have influenced its alter ego as it’s affectionately known as the mother-in-law's tongue! 

3. Pachira Aquatica - aka - The Feng-Shui Money Plant:  

The species originates in the wet/ dry lands of the tropics. One of the Feng- Shui plants! (aka The Feng-Shui Money Plant) It has five stems and five leaves, which represent the five earthly elements. Here in Ireland it is a very easy plant to look after, as it will adapt to the light conditions in your office and doesn't need watering too often and can be let dry out between waterings. The Pachira purifies air polluted with synthetic chemicals from cleaning products. It has been said by Feng Shui experts that this plant reduces stress and anxiety, and even helps prevent arguments and sleeping disorders.


Check out our store for lots more plants that are beneficial for your office. 

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