Air Purifying Plants

Ficus elastica - The Rubber Plant

The "Ficus Elastica" is also known as the "Rubber Plant"  is a popular ornamental plant from the Ficus genus and originates from areas such as India, China & Nepal. 

It gets its nickname from its striking rubber-like leaves and makes an excellent plant for those looking for a tree-type plant with attractive foliage. 

In its natural habitat, it can grow as tall as 30m high however, varieties grown indoors are at a much more manageable height. 

The Ficus Elastica looks great both on window-sills and on the floor and can often be seen in corners of rooms in offices and apartments to brighten up open spaces. 

Care Instructions:

  • Likes average temperature between 15 - 24°C
  • Keep away from draughts and areas that experience sudden temperature drops.
  • Enjoys a nice bright spot away from direct sunlight 
  • Avoid overwatering- Water only once soil becomes slightly dry to touch. 
  • Keep leaves dust-free by wiping regularly with a damp cloth.  

Care Level Rating: Easy

Notes: This variety measures in at approximately 130cm in height.  All large plants come with their plastic nursery pot only. Ceramic pots are sold separately.