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Blue Fern - Phlebodium Aurem

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Phlebodium Aureum, more commonly known as the blue rabbits foot fern, have unusual, soft blue/grey leaves that set them apart from other ferns. Like many other epiphytes it is found growing on the bark of its host tree in the shaded rainforest canopies of South America.

Height: 30cm
Potsize: 12/11cm
Care Level Rating

Easy Care

Care Instructions
  • They prefer cool, shady, and humid conditions making it a great plant for a north facing kitchen or bathroom.
  • Because of where they grow naturally they prefer mid to lower light levels, but can tolerate bright, indirect light as long as it’s a fairly cool spot.
  • You will notice your Phlebodium starting to suffer if the air around it is warm or dry so try to keep it away from radiators and other heat sources.
  • They will really thrive in high humidity
    so regular misting is essential if not in a humid area (bathroom, kitchen). Other ways of upping the humidity for your plants include placing the pot onto a dish filled with stones and water to slowly release humidity throughout they day
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Blue Fern - Phlebodium Aurem

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