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Large Scindapsus- Devil's Ivy- Pothos

The "Scindapsus", "Pothos", "Devil's Ivy" or "Epipremnum Aureus" is a very popular indoor plant, with multiple names, both botanic and common, making it difficult to identify by name alone. 

By sight, it is discernible, with its obvious trailing stems and distinctive leaf markings, fully on show.  

Along with its beauty, it is also one of the top air-purifying plants listed in Nasa's "Clean Air Study". It helps to remove harmful and often toxic pollutants in the air such as formaldehyde and high levels of dust. 

Care Instructions: 

  • Position in a bright spot but avoid direct sunlight. If placed in a dim spot, this will likely produce more sparse vines with leaves far separated. 
  • Water routinely in the growing season and a great deal less in Winter.
  • Appreciates high dampness but avoid overwatering. Under-watering shouldn't be detrimental to the plant

Care Level Rating: Easy