Gift Plants

Ficus Ginseng Bonsai with Pot

The "Ficus Ginseng" is a slow-growing evergreen plant and is a member of the Fig family. 

Native to Southeast Asia, The Bonsai Ginseng Ficus is thought to be a fascinating specimen plant, for the most part, because of it's intricate, figurative root system. Their roots show up over the ground as a distorted, wrapping cluster of fingers.

Care Instructions:

  • Keep away from draughts or areas prone to sudden temperature drops.
  • Likes a relatively warm environment (between 15-25°C) and doesn't cope well with brutal temperature variations.
  • Enjoys a bright spot away from direct sunlight
  • Water only when the surface soil becomes really dry 
  • It doesn't like standing in water so empty the saucer/ pot after it has been watered.

Care Level Rating: Medium