Bestselling Indoor Plants

Boston Fern

"Boston ferns", "Nephrolepis exaltata" or "Boston Ivy",  are one of the most well-known of the Fern family and are often admired for their desirable traits as a houseplant.⁣

Boston Ferns can be displayed in any number of ways in the home, including on shelving, in hanging baskets, or even as lush specimen plants on the right windowsill.⁣

⁣They are relatively easy to care for however, figuring out what this fern likes, is fundamental to keeping it in good nick.

 Care Instructions: 

  • They enjoy a cool place indoors away from central heating and direct sunlight.
  • Keep their compost to remain damp, so water once per week.
  • If some of the leaf fronds are a little brown, run your fingers through them gently and give it a little comb. They will love you in return with beautiful fresh fronds and that delicate sweet Boston Fern aroma.
  • Spray with a water mister once or twice a week as they thrive in a humid environment.

Care Level Rating: Easy-Medium