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Cycas revolute 'Sago Palm' - 65cm

The "Cycas revolute" or "Sago Palm"  is a native of South East Asia and was around when the dinosaurs roamed the earth! 

The plant gets its name from the edible starch contained within the trunk called Sago. 
It makes for an ideal indoor plant as it is easy to care for however, it is very slow-growing here in Northern Europe.

    Care Instructions:

    • Light - Lots of bright sunlight
    • Temp - Average here in Ireland
    • Water - Moist but not soggy
    • Liquid feed every 2 weeks in Summer

    Care Level Rating: Easy 

    Notes: This variety measures in at approx 60cm in height and comes in a 20cm pot. All large plants come with their plastic nursery pot only. Ceramic pots are sold separately.