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Dianaea muscipula (Venus Fly Trap) - Sold Seperately

Charles Darwin famously described the carnivorous Venus Flytrap plant as "one of the most wonderful in the world," and few who have witnessed a healthy trap snapping shut on an insect would disagree!

There is only one species of Venus Flytrap - Dionaea muscipula - but dozens of weird and wonderful cultivars are available!

Most forms consist of a small rosette of leaves (called petioles), each of which ends in a trap. The traps of adult plants are typically around 2.5 cm in length but can reach up to 5 cm in some of the giant varieties.

Our Care Tips: 

  • Light: They require direct sunlight for healthy growth. Choose a sunny south-facing window. Insufficient lighting will cause your flytrap’s leaves to become weak and floppy, and the insides of its traps will lack red colouration.
  • Water: You should stand your pots in about 1 cm of water (about ⅓ inch) and avoid watering from the top. They prefer to grow in soil which is wet, but not completely waterlogged. During winter they require less water, and the soil should be kept just damp.
  • Winter dormancy: Venus Flytraps require a cold winter dormancy between November and February. You need to mimic the conditions of their natural habitat, which means providing a cold resting period. Much like you need to sleep every night, Venus Flytraps need to go dormant over winter!

Care Level Rating: Medium 

Notes: This plant is sold separately and comes with a FREE ceramic pot.