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Pachira Aquatica

The "Pachira Aquatica" also known as the "Money Tree" originates from the wet drylands of the tropics. 

Known as one of the "Feng-shui" plants, its five stems and five leaves, represent the five earth elements. 

Here in Ireland, it's a very easy plant to look after and will generally adapt to most conditions in your home, making it a perfect plant for plant novices. 

Care Instructions:

  • Don't water too often and let dry out between watering.
  • Never allow to stand in water and keeping in a well-draining container is essential
  • Position in a space with ample bright indirect sunlight.
  • Turn each time you water it for even growth and leafing 
  • Fertilise 3-4 times per year with a water-soluble fertiliser. 

Care Level Rating Notes: Easy 

Notes: This plant comes with a ceramic pot.