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Large Ponytail Palm-130cm

The "Ponytail Palm" or "Nolina Recurvata" is an evergreen perennial and develops from a bulbous base/stem also know as the Elephant's foot. It is neither a palm nor a tree and is in fact a member of the Agave family. 

It was discovered in Mexico by a Frenchman in 1870 becoming popular in Europe and worldwide as an ornamental plant.

Perfect for indoor plant novices or those who like to travel often, the ponytail palm is easy to grow and drought tolerant. Its stem stores water, so occasional lack of water will do no harm.

It is a slow-growing plant that does not need shaping or pruning and tolerates dry air of heated homes or offices extremely well.

Care Instructions:

  • Avoid overwatering and allow top inches of soil to dry out between watering.
  • Likes bright indirect sunlight but can tolerate areas of shade.

Care Level Rating: Easy

Notes: This variety measures in at 130-140cm in height.