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Ficus lyrata - Fiddle Leaf Fig

 Care Instructions – Ficus lyrata – Fiddle Leaf Fig

This plant has impact! 120cm,160 cm or 180cm tall and Big Leaves. The Ficus lyrata is more widely known as the fiddle-leaf fig. It is native to western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, where it grows in lowland tropical regions. This is a great plant to grow indoors here in Ireland. It will tolerate a little shade, but prefers a bright position, even if the light is artificial. Its big leaves are very attractive and it is quite forgiving, if you forget to water for a couple of weeks. However the more light and love you give it the better it will look.

  1. Light and Position. Keep your fiddle leaf fig in bright, indirect light. Here in Ireland we don’t always get direct sunlight. Therefore, we’re safe to put it in a south facing window or patio door. However during the occasional scorching hot day during the summer! Move the plant back from the patio door or its leaves will get burned from the sun.
  2. The fiddle leaf fig can also be place under a roof window.
  3. Water your fig tree only when the top inch of compost is dry, but when there is still moisture in the compost underneath the top inch. You can check this by putting your finger into the compost and scraping back a little.
  4. Fertilize once a month during growing seasons, a little liquid fertilizer can be place in with the water and be applied during watering. There is no need to fertilizer during the winter.
  5. The single stem plant will need to be repotted after three years. The larger plants have a sufficient pot size, adequate for many years.
  6. Cleaning the Leaves. It has huge and unique fiddle-shaped shiny leaves that feel almost like paper. Because the leaves are so big they will gather dust. Clean with a soft damp cloth periodically.

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