Espostoa lanata

The "Espostoa Ianata" or "Snowball Cactus" or "Peruvian Old Man Cactus"  is a two-branched cactus that adds striking character to any room! 

Originating from the warm climates of southern Ecuador and Northern Peru, it is a densely hairy species, covered by a warm woolly coat and long sharp spines. 

The cactus can grow up to 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter and 23 feet (7 m) tall. The Espostoa lanata grows quickly as a new plant but as soon as it reaches maturity, its growth slows down significantly and will eventually stop producing flowers.

Care Instructions:

  • Enjoys lots of bright sunlight and ample airflow.
  • Keep in a well-draining pot and do not allow to sit in water. 
  • Avoid overwatering, allow the soil to fully dry out between watering and keep watering to a minimum during winter months. 
  • Water directly onto roots and avoid watering the plant itself. 

Care Level Rating: Easy

Notes: This variety measures in at 160cm in height. All large plants come with their plastic nursery pot only. Ceramic pots are sold separately.