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Euphorbia ingens - Cowboy Cactus - 100cm

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The "Euphorbia ingens", "Euphorbia Eritrea Candelabrum" or "Cowboy Cactus" is a striking houseplant that really brings character to any setting. 

This is an ideal house guest as it only requires a little attention but like any Cactus, this guy has spikes - so be careful around pets and children!

Notes: All large plants come with their plastic nursery pot only and no need to re-pot for four or five years. Ceramic pots are sold separately.  

Care Level Rating

Easy Care

Care Instructions
  • Water every 6 weeks with a litre of water
  • Requires lots of sunlight so place in a bright, hot space. 
  • Can be kept outdoors during the summer months but will need to be brought back indoors before the first sign of frost. 
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Euphorbia ingens - Cowboy Cactus - 100cm

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