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The Lechuza plant container includes an internal irrigation system and gauge. Reducing watering to every 3-4 weeks in Summer and every 6-8 weeks in Winter.

Not all Lechuza Cube Planters are readily available and some may have a 2/3 week lead in time.

Please give us a call or email if you have any queries on availability.

Three sizes available

  • Size 1. 30cm - 30x30x28  = €89.00
  • Size 2. 40cm - 40x40x36  = €179.00
  • Size 3. 50cm - 50x50x44 = €225.00

Lechuza plant containerWatering system

How the watering system works: 

1. Water level indicator No waterlogging, no dry spells: The water level indicator instantly shows you when your plants need water.

2. Water supply shaft Makes adding water and fertilizer easy.

3. LECHUZA-PON Acts as a drainage layer and controls the water supply. In addition, PON is a natural storage layer for water, nutrients and fertilizer.

4. Separator Forms the water reservoir in the bottom of the planter.

5. Drain plugs removed to allow rainwater to drain when used outdoors. It can simply be re-inserted for use indoors.



    Lechuza Cube Plant Containers - White High Gloss
    Lechuza Cube Plant Containers
    Lechuza Cube Plant Containers
    Lechuza Cube - watering system
    Lechuza Cubico Plant Containers - Charcoal Metallic
    Lechuza Cube Plant Containers - Taupe High Gloss
    Lechuza Cube Plant Containers - Scarlet Red
    Lechuza Cube Plant Containers - Silver Metallic

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    • Orders €150 - €250

      5-7 Working Days | €30 Delivery

    • Orders €250+

      5-7 Working Days | €50 Delivery

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