Banana Musa Cavendish - 85cm

The "Banana Musa Cavendish" or is named after William Cavendish, the 6th Duke of Devonshire and makes a real statement in any home with its large stunning foliage, 

This little gem has won houseplant of the month in April 2017, no small accolade considering the thousands of indoor plants!

It originates from East Asia and has since spread from there to sunny regions across the rest of the world.

First cultivated by humans around 8000 years ago, in recent years you may have seen the banana tree from some exotic holidays in places like The Canary Islands, Mexico, Thailand or Australia!

Care Instructions

  • When placed indoors, it likes a warm and bright position greater than 12°C
  • The large leaves will evaporate a lot of moisture in hot weather, therefore keep an eye and water regularly.
  • Avoid getting the soil too wet, since this can cause root rot.
  • Add liquid fertiliser (any houseplant liquid food is good) once per month. This will keep the banana tree strong and looking lush. 
  • The banana can be placed outdoors in a sunny, sheltered position from the end of May to mid-October. Leave it in its container and support it from blowing over in the wind. 

Care Level Rating: Medium 

Please note that the leaves of the Banana Musa are quite fragile and prone to breakage.