Bunny Ear Cactus - Opuntia microdasys

"Opuntia microdasys" or "Bunny Ear Cactus" is a native to northern Mexico and the desert regions of Arizona but has since become a welcome addition to homes here in Ireland. 

Despite its cute name, this cactus is in no way cuddly! Its paddle-like leaves are covered in closely spaced glochids or small mounds of prickles that are designed to detach when impacted by something

Care Instructions: 

  • Position in a bright sunny place
  • Avoid overwatering and allow the top few inches of soil to dry out thoroughly between watering. Reduce watering to approx 1-2 times per month in the colder winter months. 
  • Enjoys normal room temperature 
  • Keep your cactus dust-free. To unblock its pores, try using make-up or artists brush to clear away dust and cobwebs. 

Care Level Rating: Easy 

Notes: The price shown is for 1 plant. This variety measures in at approximately 30cm in height and comes with a ceramic pot.