Philodendron 'Grand brasil'

The Philodendron is native to the tropical rainforests of South America and the Caribbean region. Most of them are true climbers that use their long tendrils to climb up other trees or rocks. The Philodendron Grand Brasil owes its name to the colour combination on the leaves, which resembles the Brazilian flag.

They are a versatile indoor plant that are easy to care for and can adapt to just about any space you have available for them!

They are also among one of the top air-purifying plants listed in "Nasa's Clean Air Study"and help to remove contaminants such as dust, pollutants and harmful chemicals from the air.  

Top Care Tips:

  • Enjoys natural, indirect sunlight- the paler the leaves, the more light it needs. 
  • Soil can be moderately damp but do not have the roots standing in water.
  • Mist regularly in between waterings. 
Height: 75cm
Width: 30cm
Potsize: 17/16cm