Philodendron - Xanadu plant

The "Philodendron" or "Xanadu" plant is one of around 450 varieties of Philodendron. This exotic plant can grow to heights of up to 4 feet, and up to 5 feet in width.

It features large leathery green leaves that can span up to 18 inches by 14 inches. Unlike many other Philodendron varieties, this plant is not a climber and has more of an upright bushy habit

It is a large plant with dramatic leaves that form at the ends of the stems.

Care Instructions:

  • Keep the compost moist from spring to autumn and water more sparingly in winter.
  • It will tolerate shade, so is a good choice for a shady corner
  • Keep the leaves free of dust and looking shiny but wiping with a damp cloth, placing under a tepid shower or putting outside in the rain during summer.
  • Repot or top-dress with fresh compost every spring.

Care Level Rating: Easy-Medium 

Notes: This is a bush variety and measures in at approximately 60cm in height