Rhipsalis clavata- Mistletoe Cactus

The "Rhipsalis clavata" or "Mistletoe Cactus", a native to South America, is part of the Rhipsalis genus which comprises of over 60 species,

Most are epiphytic (which mean they grow naturally in trees) and their beautiful decorative hanging foliage makes them excellent hanging basket specimens.

The blooms are sporadic all season and consist of very small, white 'bell' flowers, followed by small yellow/red fruits.

Care Instructions

  • Position in an area with partial shade with a few hours of indirect sunlight in the morning. 
  • Do not place near radiators and avoid drafts 
  • Avoid overwatering, allow top few inches of soil to dry out thoroughly between watering. 
  • Likes medium-high humidity, so mist regularly

Care Level Rating: Easy

Notes: This variety measures in at approximately 25cm in width and 40cm in height