Epipremnum Aureus (Pothos / Devils Ivy / Scindapsus.. this easy to grow house and office plant had and still has multiple names, both botanic and common, which can make it difficult to identify by name alone. By sight it is discernible, with its obvious trailing stems and distinctive leaf markings fully on show becomes an easily recognisable indoor plant. 

Average light would be best for this plant. growth will be moderate if placed in a dim spot, this will likewise make more sparse "vines" with leaves far separated. Bright spots with a lot of direct sunlight are not preferable.

Water routinely in the growing season and a great deal less in Winter. Avoid over watering, while under-watering shouldn't be detrimental to the plant.
Pothos appreciates high dampness, on the other hand it's not indispensable for a healthy plant.

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