Senecio herreianus (String of Tears/ String of Pearls) - Sold Seperately

The "Senecio herreianus" plant, also known as "String of Tears" or "String of Pearls", is a striking succulent plant with round, bead-like leaves.

It is native to the Cape Providence and Southwest Africa but is now commonly seen adorning homes and workspaces across the world. 

They are a fantastic hanging succulent and also look lovely trailing over the edge of a pot in a succulent arrangement. They are an easy to grow houseplant and make an eye-catching addition to any home. 

Top Care Tips:

  • Water: Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Do not overwater or allow the plants to sit in water.

  • Light: Likes lots of bright but indirect sunlight
  • Temperature: Warm room temperatures of 21-24°C are perfect in summer. Cooler winter temperatures around 13-16°C will help to maintain good plant health and encourage blooming.

Care Level Rating: Easy

Note: This plant is sold separately and does not come with a pot, these are sold separately.