Staghorn Fern

Staghorn ferns look very much like deer or elk antlers, hence their unusual name. Native to Asia and Australia, the plants are part of the Polypodiaceae family—they grow slowly, but end up being quite large and impressive once mature.
Care Instructions:
  • Water once per week in summer and once every two to three weeks during cooler months. 
  • Staghorn ferns absorb water through their fronds, as well as their roots. This means that they respond well to misting and appreciate humid spaces.
  • If your staghorn fern is in a space where it receives lots of humidity, like a bathroom, you’ll probably be able to reduce your misting and watering.
  • Mist your plant regularly, and check the moss at the base of the plant regularly for dryness.
  • If the antler fronds begin to brown or blacken at the base, this is a sign of over-watering. Reduce watering to once monthly until plant shows sign of recovery
  • If the antler fronds begin to brown at the tips or wilt, this is a sign of under-watering. Increase watering as needed.