Kentia Palm (Serenity Palm) Howea forsteriana

May 07, 2015 0 Comments


Few plants bring a touch off the exotic to a home more than palms. The Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana) is a popular choice because it is well suited for container growing. This elegant palm does very well indoors since it is extremely durable and slow growing.  The Kentia has an upright slender trunks and long arching, feathered, dark green leaves (also known as fronds). The Kentia is an air purifying plant which requires little attention. The easy nature of Kentia palm care makes it a perfect choice for a novice also creating a relaxing tropical atmosphere.


Ideal temperature 15-27 C.

Semi-shade, no direct sunlight.

Keep damp, compost must not dry out.

Apply fertiliser once every six months.

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