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Today many business organisations recognise that boosting staff morale has a positive impact on productivity, attendance and staff retention. People are always open to improving their working environment. I find that when HR managers approach teams with a proposal for a team building activity, the response is enthusiastic. Employees want a pleasant working environment and want to achieve good team relations. People are usually open to finding creative ways to achieve that.

Promoting employee connectivity can be done through simple workshops. At Plant Store we’ve devised a workshop which provides an educational segments such as waste management and the green agenda alongside the team building exercise which promotes engagement, collaboration and having fun while creating a terrarium plant. While engaging in bettering employee communications, this workshop also provides each member with an essential addition to the office, plants ! The design and format of the workshop ensures that individuals from different teams work in pairs or groups of three.  Their tasks involve problem solving, learning through doing and team building in an informal environment.



So why not get your office buzzing and feel the benefits by booking an office plant workshop. We'll do the rest, we'll bring the plants, compost and even individual, unique fabulous plant container. You bring your colleagues and your sense of fun and creativity and you'll all walk away with a smile and fabulous plant for your desk. We can facilitate numbers from 10 to 40 people.


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