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August 27, 2018 0 Comments

What is Upcycling ?

Upcycling is where you find items such as an old bag or anything as strange as a shoe which you find a new use for instead of throwing it away.  In doing this you are creatively reusing items which in turn helps the environment as it reduces wasteIn terms of using old bits for plants, we found that you can save on buying new plant pots or containers and it adds some quirkiness to any space at home or in any work space environment.

At Plant Store we are always looking for ways to be more eco friendly. During our plant installations we often turn to upcycling as a way of displaying plants in an unusual and fashionable way.


Upcycling Easy Steps - Pre-Loved Items into Plant Containers

  1. Choose your pre-loved item - example leather bag

  2. Choose the new plant for the leather bag - example the magnificent Kentia palm

  3. Line the leather bag with a plastic bag - (black bin liner will do fine)

  4. Place the Kentia palm in the leather bag and fill in the compost around the palm until it is potted-up.

  5. Add one litre of water

  6. Place the new upcycled leather bag and palm in semi bright window (Not South Facing) and admire your handy work.

    Here’s some examples below of successful upcycled items 


    Up-cycling plants Upcycled mini treasure box with a Scindapsus Plant 

    up-cycling plantsUpcycled box with a Echiveria "Red Lips" Plant 

    up-cycling ketina palm Upcycled Leather Handbag with a Ketina Palm Plant 

    At Plant Store we provide a range of customised Plant Installations for any work space including office spaces or retail. We work with a range of company’s such as Etsy, Brother Hubbard North, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Digital Marketing Institute and many more.

    For more information on our Plant Installations take a look at our website here and contact us today for a quote. 

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