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Team morale is a crucial ingredient in a company's culture. 

In a physical workplace, company culture is often promoted through daily social interactions, team meetings and office activities. These efforts a company makes to enrich and delight employees all feeds into employee morale and culture. 

When your team is working remotely, this is something you have to nurture. 

Management is now challenged to find new ways to work together and communicate, ensuring teams can still feel your company culture alive in their own homes. 

Yes, the purpose is to retain connectivity and team mentality but more crucially, it positively impacts your employee’s overall wellbeing.


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Long days spent at home can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnect which in turn, can often lead to a sharp drop in team morale. Knowing there are fun tasks and team-bonding opportunities can go a long way in boosting team wellness and engagement.  


Promoting a healthy and happy work environment is not limited to the four walls of an organisation. With modern technology, it can now be fostered, digitally. 


At PlantStore, we have been providing team-building workshops to businesses around Ireland for the past few years. With the rapid shift to remote-working, we have had to pivot and have now made the decision to offer our workshops, digitally. 


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The Benefits of Virtual Workshops

The benefits of our virtual workshops are very similar to those delivered in the office, in fact, we believe that they provide even more benefits, as employees seek ways to connect with one another at home. 

Here are just some of the benefits that we’ve seen amongst teams during our workshops:

  • Boosted Team Morale: Team members feel valued and connected.
  • Stronger, more Connected Teams: Our Workshops are designed to get teams working together, even when they can’t be in the same room. 
  • Improved Employee Wellbeing: Sitting at a desk all day can be exhausting and can wreak havoc on our stress levels!  Spending some time to relax away from their desk, gives each member of the team a chance to unwind. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace and get creative, adding their own touches. 
  • Learn New Skills: At our workshops, team members can switch off, get their hands dirty and learn a new skill that may differ completely from their day to day roles.  


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Our Virtual Team-Building Workshops 

 We understand that every company is different which is why we offer a fully customised option for our Online Workshops.

To give you some plantspiration, here are a few of our most popular team-building workshops:


Bumble bee on  purple wildflower

How to create a bee-friendly garden at home 

 Throughout the session, each participant learns about the importance of bees for our economy and environment as well as hands-on practical tips for creating their very own pollinator haven at home. 


Mini glass terrariums filled with small succulents

3 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Terrarium 

In this workshop, we will learn to design and build a terrarium. Choose the plants layering of materials, planting and decorating. Generally getting messy and having fun!


Old mens boots filled with plants

Our Guide to Creating Your Own Upcycled Planter 

This session will focus on the powerful effects of upcycling on reducing our environmental impact. Each participant will transform an item found in their home into their very own planter.


Plant Store Ireland Virtual Workshop Testimonial

How to Book Your Virtual Workshop 

 Step 1: Browse our range of workshops. 

Step 2: Send us an email with your choice of workshop, location, team size and desired date and time.

Step 3: Based on your details, we will send you a proposed quote and overview of your selected workshop. 

Each workshop can be personalised to your team size and needs. All materials required for the workshop will be delivered to your team member’s home. The workshop is then delivered live online at the agreed date and time. 

Prices for our Workshops start from €480 but can vary based on team size, materials and workshop selected. 

Learn more about our workshops here.

For a free consultation or to book your Workshop, email pat@plantstore.ie


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