Plant Spotlight: Kentia Palm

Plant Spotlight: Kentia Palm

What can grow up to 10ft tall, was found throughout The Titanic and loved by 18th-century royalty?...

Yep, you guessed it! The Kentia Palm.

Known for its striking green feather-shaped foliage, the Kentia Palm is a flowering plant species in the Arecaceae palm family. It originates from Lord Howea island where it gets its botanical name “Howea forsteriana”. 

This plant’s popularity stretches back to Queen Victoria’s reign and was commonly seen as a feature throughout wealthy fashionable homes & hotels in the 18th century. It was even used widely as decoration on the Titanic (first-class, of course!). Over 120 years later, the Kentia Palm can be still seen indoors in northern latitudes from Cork to Chicago and outdoors in southern latitudes from Mexico City to Melbourne. 

Kentia Palm Care Tips

How to care for your Kentia Palm 

The Kentia Palm is an extremely popular and trendy indoor plant and is loved by all plant parents, from complete novices to seasoned growers. It can tolerate little maintenance and much neglect and adapts to low light and indoor temperatures better than almost any other palm. 

Under the right conditions and care, a Kentia palm will, over time, develop into an excellent specimen plant, up to 10 feet tall! Here are some of our top care tips to help your Kentia thrive indoors: 


Light-  The Kentia enjoys bright indirect light. We recommend positioning near a window or skylight but keep away from strong direct sunlight as this can cause damage to the leaves (often indicated by brown spotting or drooping leaves). 


Water-  The Kentia likes moist but not over-watered soil. Wait to water until the top few inches of compost becomes fully dry. If you notice yellowing leaves, this can be a signal of too much water or root rot. On the other hand, brown tips on the plant's fronds indicate that the palm may need more water.


Temperature-. To keep your kentia palm happy, think tropical! For your plant to thrive, you need to mimic its natural conditions as closely as possible, including its love of balmy temperatures and added humidity. Plan to spray the leaves lightly at least once a week. If you have a particularly dry home, you can also increase the plant's humidity by placing its container on a bed of wet rocks. Keep away from air conditioning units or any direct heat source as this can dry out the soil.  

Feed-  Fertilise your Kentia approximately three times per year to maintain healthy growth. We recommend a liquid fertiliser or slow-release pellets. It is important not to fertilise the Kentia Palm plant too much because it is a slow-growing plant, and instead of boosting its growth, you might harm it.


Cleaning-  Be sure to wipe the Kentia’s foliage periodically to remove dust and prevent pests such as spider mites. This can be done once a month with a spray of water and a damp cloth. Trim any unwelcome brown or yellow fronds as required. 


Kentia Palm for sale online Ireland


Where to place your Kentia Palm at home?

The Kentia palm will be a welcome addition to any home, creating a relaxing, tropical atmosphere.

This palm offers more than just good looks; it also helps clean and improve air quality by filtering formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide toxins from the surrounding environment. We regularly recommend the hardworking Kentia palm as an excellent home office plant where it can improve the air quality and, in turn, your mood, productivity and focus levels! 

Stuck on ideas on how to pot your Kentia Palm? Here is a mood board we’ve put together for your inspiration: 


Kentia Palm Mood Board


Wherever you decide to place your Kentia Palm, we recommend a spacious location where it will have enough room to grow and display its magnificent foliage.


Kentia Palm Style Inspiration


Where to buy Kentia Palm plants online?

Looking to add a Kentia Palm to your growing indoor plant family? The good news is that no matter your size or budget, we have a Kentia plant for you! We stock Kentia Palm plants in many sizes on our online plant store, including: 


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